Sun-Soaked, Oceanside Bliss

The sun, in all its brilliance, is the primary aesthetic attraction we have on this planet. People gather to watch it rise and set — its light defines and delineates our days. Furthermore, the sun warms, it nourishes, it enriches, and its benefits go far beyond what we are able to see. Studies have shown that exposure to sunlight increases serotonin levels in the brain, which improves one’s mood. It’s no wonder we love to bask in its glow. Stress simply melts away when you are luxuriating by the pool, or on a beach — and there’s science backing up this feeling of relaxation.

It’s with sun-soaking in mind that we turn to the South Palm Beach oceanfront condos for sale at 3550 South Ocean — a building more akin to a high-end resort than a residential dwelling. All residences have floor-to-ceiling windows, ensuring that natural light floods the living spaces, and many condos feature spectacular, expansive views of the sparkling ocean, which is just steps from the building.

There’s a stunning sun deck on the coastal side of the building, as well as a large, inviting beachfront pool, where residents can relax with a glass of wine while listening to waves crashing on the shore, or take a cooling dip after working out in the state-of-the-art fitness center. Pools this picturesque — and this ideally located — are typically packed with locals and visitors alike, scrambling to lay claim to a few lounge chairs. But at 3550 South Ocean, the sun deck, the beachfront pool, and the beach just beyond it, are all private. You will never have to deal with crowds, which means that true relaxation awaits just steps from your front door. It might be the best staycation in existence.

In addition to the various areas to sunbathe and cool off, you’ll find private, on-site storage facilities for residents who own kayaks, paddle boards, surfboards, and the like. So, if you’re the kind of beach-goer who prefers to conquer the waves rather than just watch them rolling in, you’re covered here, too.

These South Palm Beach luxury condos bring the sun, and all its associated benefits and pleasures, to your doorstep. From the sun-flooded residences themselves to the staggering array of sun-welcoming amenities, 3550 South Ocean is truly a coastal haven that you’ll want to see for yourself.

Join us for a tour and experience firsthand what true Palm Beach luxury is all about at 3550 South Ocean.